Webinar Recordings and Resources

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Collaboration Leadership Innovation
Fall 2009 Winter 2010 Spring 2010 Summer 2010

School Library Data:
I've Called You All Here
Today To...

(Julie Todaro)

Building Relationships
and Influence That Will
Help Your Library

(Susan Mann)

"Big" Challenges
(and Opportunities)
for Academic Libraries

(Robert Walton,
Gillian McCombs,
& Tracey Mendoza)

Keys to Sustainable
Digital Collaboratives

(Liz Bishoff)

Innovative Approaches in
Partnerships between Academic
Librarians and Faculty

(Jeremy Donald
and Alex Simons)

It's All About the Kids:
Public and School Libraries
Collaborate for Kids

(Mayra Diaz
and Leigh Ann Jones)

Leadership in Today's
Academic Libraries

(Maureen Sullivan)

Are We Speaking
the Same Language?
Librarians, Principals,
the School Library Program,
and Taking the Lead

(Joel Castro)

Serving Diverse Communities:
A Case Study in Leadership
through Continuous Learning

(Molly Raphael
and Rita Jimenez)

Innovating Community Conversations through
Online Tools

(Grace Lillevig
and Linda Stevens)

Innovations in PTA and
School Librarian Relations


Building a Learning

(Damon Camille
Annie Wu)

Fall 2010 Winter 2011 Spring 2011 Summer 2011

Three Simple Rules for
Great Presentations

(Lee Hilyer)

Speak Up Survey:
Educational Technology and
Learning for Today's Children

(Laurie Smith)


The eBook Revolution
Danielle Plumer,
Beverly Shirley, and
Russlene Waukechon)

Faculty-Librarian Collaborations
at the University of Texas at Austin

(Roxanne Bogucka
and Michele Ostrow)

Collaborating for Texas Work Skills Development
(Carolyn Brewer
and Alexis Sarkesian)

Have School Libraries
Been Stamped with an
Expiration Date?
(Marty Rossi)

Leadership, Some Personal Thoughts
(Dana Rooks, Rhoda Goldberg, and Maribel Castro)

Teen Centers: Minimum Resources for Most Budgets
(Sian Brannon and WyLaina Hildreth) 

Leading Instruction, Collaborating for Success
(Kathy Shaw
and Sharon Swarner)

Recordings will be posted one week after webinars

Librarians in the Brave New World of Today's Job Market
(Cindy Batman and Janet Denny)

Facing Trying Times for Librarians
(Ron Pollock)

Tell a Great Story, Get a Job!
(Kerry McGeath, Cynthia Pfledderer)


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