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Before submitting the nomination form, please prepare a document compiling supporting evidence and appropriate statements (see judging criteria at left) regarding your nominee's qualifications for the Intellectual Freedom Award.

You will be able to attach that document when completing the form. Doc, rtf, xls, and pdf formats are accepted. Maximum file size is 3MB.

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The Intellectual Freedom Award was first given at the 1990 TLA Conference. This is an annual award recognizing the contribution of an individual or group who has actively promoted intellectual freedom in Texas.  Recipients are selected by the Intellectual Freedom Award Committee, a subcommittee of the TLA/IFC. The award consists of:

  • $500 to the award recipient  
  • $500 to the recipient's library

Anyone actively promoting intellectual freedom in Texas during the past 10 years is eligible for the Intellectual Freedom Award. Nominees for the award will be judged:

  • On the role they have played in actively promoting intellectual freedom in their sphere of influence and beyond; or  
  • On the degree to which they exemplify the spirit of intellectual freedom; or  
  • On the impact that their efforts to promote intellectual freedom have made.

Please note the instructions in the right column of this page regarding submitting supporting documentation for your nomination.

Nominations for the Intellectual Freedom Award may be made by anyone in Texas. Individuals and groups are encouraged to nominate themselves for the award. Nominations are to be submitted by January 1 of each year to the TLA/IFC through the TLA office. Recipients will be selected only when the award committee believes an award is justified, based on the criteria. The award will be presented at the TLA annual conference.

Intellectual Freedom Award Recipients

1990 - Pamela G. Bonnell
1991 - David R. Bates
1992 - Dr. Jocelyn Chadwick-Joshua
1993 - Kathy Ritterhouse
1994 - Laura Edwards
1995 - El Paso Public Library Board Association
1996 - Eileen Dunne
1997 - Mary Ellen Scribner
1998 - Cynthia Bennett
1999 - Judy Thomas
2000 - Linda Hughes
2002 - William M. Holda
2003 - Jerilynn Williams
2004 - Rebecca Pruett
2005 - Ann Harris
2006 - Lucy Collins Nazro
2007 - Linda (Lyn) Goodgion
2008 - Laura S. Lara
2009 - Mary Suhm (Dallas city manager)
2010 - Linda W. Kay


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