Junior Library Guild / Diversity & Inclusion Conference Stipends

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The Junior Library Guild partners with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of TLA to offer two conference stipends of $750 to defray the cost of attending the TLA Annual Conference. Both librarians and paraprofessionals are encouraged to apply. The eligible applicants include, "a member of a racial/ethnic minority group, lesbian/gay/bisexual/ transgender, or a person with a disability or who works extensively with members of one of these communities."

For purposes of considering applicants for this stipend, the definition of "minority" includes males and females in the following groups: African Americans, Aleuts, Asian Americans, Eskimos, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Pacific Islander Americans as defined by U.S. government guidelines. 

The stipend's purpose is to encourage TLA, minority caucus, and D&I membership/participation and to provide a means for supporting participation in the Annual Conference.


  • The definition of eligible applicants includes "a member of a racial/ethnic minority group, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender, or a person with a disability or who works extensively with members of one of these communities."
  • Recipient must be a member of the Texas Library Association.
  • Recipient must be employed as a librarian or paraprofessional in a Texas Library.
  • Recipient must submit a completed application form and letter of reference on or before the stated deadline. 
  • Recipient must agree to attend the Diversity & Inclusion Committee meeting and at least one sponsored or co-sponsored pre-conference, program, and/or meeting during the conference.
  • An interview after conference (either face to face or virtual) to evaluate the conference experience is required.

See the other tabs on this page for details specific to the individual stipends.

DEADLINE: Submit the online application by March 9, 2018. 


The Conference Stipend Committee members will use the following rubric to evaluate the applications:

  • Past experience with diversity and inclusion events: (30 points)
  • Professional development experience from the past three years (30 points)
  • Statement of need and value of conference attendance (40 points)

An attempt will be made over the years to award stipends to applicants from all parts of the state and from all types and sizes of libraries.

Created on Jan 7, 2014 | Last updated January 22, 2018