Best of the Best District Program Funds

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The Executive Board will inform the District Planning Committee (DPC) Chair and Vice Chair of the allocated budget for Best of the Best (BOTB) funding prior to Annual Assembly with the understanding that no budget decisions are final until Council approves the budget at Assembly. This information will be shared with the DPC members (District Chairs) at Assembly.

AWARD FUNDS may only be used to cover honorariums, travel, or housing in accordance with TLA Standing Rule 7D.


  • No personal expenses or honorariums shall be paid by TLA for TLA members and other Texas librarians presenting at Annual Conference, Annual Assembly, or District meetings with the exception of Executive Board members representing the Association at District meetings and TLA members and other Texas librarians who speak at District meetings other than their own.
  • The District does not need to cover the travel expenses if the speaker is a TLA staff member. TLA will pick up the staff member's expenses without being charged to BOTB funds.
  • The District does not need to use BOTB funds to cover the State Librarian's travel / honorarium expenses if he/she is invited to speak to his/her own constituents and to cover his/her work information.   
  • Meals can be reimbursed through the District’s funds but not through BOTB funds.

APPLICATION PROCESS: each District is expected to do the following:

  • Fill out proposal form completely.
  • Provide sufficient information about upcoming fall workshop.
  • Adhere to the program guidelines.
  • Vague and/or incomplete applications may be considered lower on the priority scale.

The DPC Chair, Vice Chair, and TLA Executive Board, are aware that some of the plans may not work out exactly, but we will still honor the estimated expenses filed during the application process.  Generally, the theme and/or concept of the program should remain intact while alternative speakers are asked to step in.  Along these lines, the expenses should be in alignment whether it is for the original or alternative presenters.

AWARD DECISIONS: Information about the BOTB budgeted allocation and application deadlines will be given to DPC members at Assembly.  A follow-up email will be sent after Assembly confirming Council approval of the BOTB budget.  Each District must submit its application by the deadline.

  • The DPC Chair and Vice Chair review the Districts’ applications and their requested funds.
  • The Chair and Vice Chair will use the evaluation criteria as outlined by BOTB program guidelines.  A spreadsheet is also included as part the evaluation process.
  • The Chair and Vice Chair will submit a proposed plan on how to distribute BOTB funds based on the Districts’ applications as to whether they meet BOTB program criteria.
  • If the requested awards exceed the total amount budget, the Chair and Vice Chair, will explain their award decision process how the BOTB funds will be distributed, i.e. an agreed percentage, etc.
  • The proposed distribution plan will be reviewed by the TLA Executive Board for approval before releasing the information to the DPC members.
  • Upon approval from the Executive Board, the DPC Chair and Vice Chair will draft a proposal award decision for DPC members, explaining how the funding allocations were determined, i.e. by an agreed percentage, and by removing items that were not eligible for funding.

DPC members will review and approve award decisions by casting their vote in support or opposition.

  • DPC members will have 5 days to review, suggest other allocations, and submit their vote in support or opposition. 
  • The vote will be cast by the current District Chair, unless that Chair requests that the Chair-Elect to cast the vote.
  • A voting tally spreadsheet is included to enter each District’s vote.
  • The DPC Chair and Vice Chair will tally votes, and review any alternate proposal or suggestion made by DPC members.

The final award decisions will be shared with DPC members, the TLA Executive Board, and the TLA Director of Administration.

Districts would have to submit receipts or invoices to the TLA Director of Administration for payment before actual monies would be deposited into their district accounts. 

If a District declines to use the BOTB award allocation, that allocation will be deposited back into the TLA budget. If a District does not use the entire award allocated, the remaining monies will be deposited back into the TLA budget.

The spirit and intent of the TLA Executive Board in creating BOTB funds was specifically to bolster the fall district meetings with enhanced content without conflicting with the Annual Conference and/or Annual Assembly.  Additionally, Executive Board liaisons and/or TLA staff will have more time to attend fall meetings without being tied up with the Annual Conference or Annual Assembly duties. With that in mind, BOTB funds will continue to support these fall meetings but not other workshops that may be held during the year.

Questions? Sherra Bowers, Director of Administration
PHONE: 512/328-1518 or 800/580-2TLA; FAX: 512/328-8852
MAIL: TLA, 3355 Bee Cave Road, Suite 401, Austin TX 78746-6763

Created on Aug 9, 2010 | Last updated August 18, 2016