Conference Planning Deadlines

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  • Program Committee members meet with units and establish liaison relationships.
  • TLA unit planners meet with Elise Walker to discuss meeting room setups, AV, meals, publicity options, etc.
  • TLA Unit Planners meet with Program Committee to propose meetings and programs 
July 17         By this date TLA Office will send tentative conference schedule to all unit planners.  

July 31

  • Deadline for comments or questions from unit planners regarding the tentative conference schedule. Additional business, committee, or board meetings need to be scheduled by this time.  Please send these requests via email to
  • Deadline for final list of speakers.

August 15

  •  Conference Program Committee to review and finalize 2018 Conference Schedule. ***Access to the program content (Scope Notes) portion of the Conference Event Form will be turned off, and no further changes will be accepted online.  Any necessary change requests must be emailed to

Aug 30

  •  Mailing to Conference Planners with finalized working schedule and Speaker Contracting instructions.

Sept 6

  • Deadline for Comments

Sept 12

  • Deadline for return of signed electronic speakers contracts (Contracts are required for all speakers including Texas librarians)
  • Deadline for a high resolution electronic photo 5 x 7 inches to allow for resizing. Please submit photo saved with lastname_firstname for ease in identifying the photos as received.  (Not all photos will be used in the print version of the program, but all photos received will be used in the conference mobile app.)
  • Deadline for Preconference Budget Form including registration rates.
  • Deadline for Catering requests: update the online Conference Event Form or contact Elise Walker. 
  • Deadline for ticket prices for all ticketed events
Sept 14-16
  • Proofing Session at TLA office.

Sept 25

  • Mailing to Program Planners and Speakers that proofed document has been posted to TLA website for review.


Oct 9
  • FINAL deadline for any changes to the Conference Program schedule. This is a FIRM deadline due to the fact that TLA is outsourcing the production and printing of the Conference Printed Program, and material must be turned over to the production department by November 1.
Early March Event Arrangements Summary report that lists preliminary charges for equipment, catering, speaker hospitality, etc. will be mailed to Program Planners for review.
March  Deadline for any changes to Event Arrangements Summary information. Audio-Visual (AV) Equipment requested by this date will receive a 40% discount. (Equipment is included on the Conference Event Form)
April 3-6  Annual Conference, Dallas, TX
Created on Jun 15, 2010 | Last updated January 10, 2018