TLA Council

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TLA policy is set by a governing council of elected leaders. Council meets four times yearly, twice at Annual Conference in the spring and twice at Annual Assembly in the summer. These meetings are open to all members and interested parties. The TLA leadership year changes each spring, and it is at the second council meeting during conference that the gavel is passed from the outgoing president to the newest president of TLA.

Council Membership

The TLA Council is comprised of both voting and non-voting members.

  • Voting members include the exedutive board and a representative (councillor) from each division, district, and round table.
  • Non-voting members include a representative from each committee, interest group, and task force. In addition, the editor of the Texas Library Journal, TLA's legal counsel, the TLA executive director, and the parliamentarian are ex-officio non-voring members.

See the TLA Organization Chart for a listing of the groups currently within the association and the TLA Council. Information on individual TLA Council members may be accessed in the Members Only Section.

Gavel Pass

Sharon Amastae (left) passes the gavel of leadership to Susan Mann at the close of Council II in Austin, April 2015.

In April 2014 the gavel missed the shipment to Houston, so Sharon Amastae received a symbolic gavel (a tape gun) from outgoing president Yvonne Chandler.
gavel pass 2014

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