Suggest a Title for the Next 2x2 Reading List

The 2X2 Reading List is a project of the Children’s Round Table, a unit of the Texas Library Association.

Texas Library Association sponsors the 2X2 Reading List solely to encourage free voluntary reading.

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Suggestions of books for the committee to consider for inclusion on the reading list may be made by librarians, teachers and parents.

Points to consider when recommending a book for consideration by the 2x2 committee.

  1. You must have read the book.

  2. The content of the book must be age appropriate for children two years through grade two.       

  3. The copyright date must be 2018 for the 2019 list.

  4. Only book formats are eligible.

  5. The book must have an English text, but dual language and translations will be considered.

  6. The book must have received a favorable review in a reviewing source.

  7. Ineligible categories of materials are textbooks, abridgments, and new editions or portions of books previously published.

Suggestions for the next list must be submitted by November 15, 2018.

Use the online form or recommend a title by sending the appropriate information by e-mail

How does the 2X2 Committee work?

  •  The 2X2 Committee‘s charge is to produce a list of 20 recommended books for children, age two to grade two. To accomplish this, the committee reads widely.  And when we say widely, we mean each year committee members read, on average, over 700 books. Each month, May-November, committee members nominate 5-10 titles to our official consideration list.
  • What are we looking for?  In short, we are looking for excellent books that will excite readers, books that are visually appealing and appropriate for both the content and the intended age-level. We are looking for inclusion through diverse outlooks, stories, genres, formats, genders, geographic environment, ages, and ethnicities.
  • Books must have a review from a professional journal.  Our focus on professional reviews is because library collection development policies are often dependent on multiple positive reviews from professional journals to ensure that money is spent in the most responsible way possible.

To see titles that have already been suggested for next year's list, visit the Considerations List.

Created on May 28, 2015 | Last updated September 18, 2018