Disaster Relief Committee

Texas Library Recovery Connection

Thank you to our generous donors!
$182,592 raised as of June 30, 2018.


Donations are always welcome. You can donate online, or purchase the TLA Coloring Book (proceeds benefit TLA Disaster Relief Fund). Each year at annual conference an original piece of artwork is raffled to benefit the Texas Library Disaster Relief Fund, created to assist Texas libraries that are impacted by disasters such as fires, floods, and storms.

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Welcome to the Disaster Relief Committee Webpage

Look for many outstanding conference programs the week of April 3-6, 2018 in Dallas that relate to disaster preparedness and recovery. 

Committee Charge

  1. Coordinates TLA's response to all types of disasters that severely affect libraries in Texas;
  2. Raises funds to build the Disaster Relief Endowment;
  3. Prepares and distributes guidelines and the grant application form; determines from the TLA Executive Director the dollar amount available for grant award; and evaluates the application based on a set of criteria;
  4. Provides training and resource materials on the prevention of disasters and on recovery strategies;
  5. Notifies the TLA Executive Board of the condition of libraries experiencing disasters and the grant amount needed to provide assistance; and
  6. Evaluates the effect of the grant award.


  • Increase the amount of the Endowment Fund to be prepared for statewide emergencies;
  • Increase awareness of the grants and the online resources;
  • Be alert for disasters affecting Texas libraries; and
  • Solicit photographs of libraries and library workers experiencing and/or recovering from disasters severely affecting library services

Programs at Texas Library Association Annual Conference:

2017: "Disaster & Crisis planning with TTX Scenarios" 

2017: "Active Shooter in the Building: What Should You Do?" - Co-Sponsor

2016: "When Disaster Strikes: Weathering the Storm"
2015:"Keeping the Doors Open:Service in Times of Strife" Co-Sponsor
2014: "Eye of the Storm: The Library's Role in Disaster Preparedness"
2014: (Also recommended) "LEADing the Way in Disaster Information Outreach (program by the National Library of Medicine)
2008:  "Stay Safe: Disaster Preparedness"

2007:  "Disaster Strikes! Lessons Learned from a Series of Unfortunate Events"
2005:  "Technology Disaster: Are You Ready"
2004:  "Before Disaster Hits"
2003:  "Disasters - What Are The Odds?"
2002:  "After the Storm: Disaster Recovery Strategies"

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