TLA Interest Groups

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Interest groups are organized by TLA members to reflect a specific interest or activity. A new interest group is initiated through petition and achieves official status when the petition has been certified by the Executive Director (see below).

Guidelines for forming an Interest Group
in accordance with TLA bylaws and practice

To Petition

  1. You must obtain 60 signatures of TLA members seeking creation of an Interest Group. PETITION
  2. The TLA Executive Director must certify that the 60 signatures are for current members in good standing. 

To Organize

The TLA Executive Director announces to Council the existence of the new Interest Group and assists the group in completing the next organizational phases.

To Continue

  1. The Interest Group must maintain a membership of at least 50 persons for a period of three years.
  2. The Interest Group may become a Round Table by majority vote of Council at the end of the third year.
Created on Feb 27, 2012 | Last updated March 28, 2016