Public Relations and Marketing Committee

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The Public Relations and Marketing Committee was formed in 2010 as part of a reorganization that included the dissolution of the Public Relations and Publications Committees. The functions of those two committees are in part incorporated into the charge of the Public Relations and Marketing Committee.


Logo for Ideas Powered Campaign

We are pleased to announce our initiative, "Ideas Powered: It's What We Do" is celebrating its second year! The campaign, which was unveiled during the 2016 Annual Conference in Houston, began as a 1-day event in September, but we've expanded the event to a whole week. From October 1 - 7, libraries can participate in the statewide celebration. The PR Campaign seeks to broaden the awareness of library services to the public and provide resources to librarians working in the state in order to promote libraries as vital, technology-centered institutions in the community. Please take a moment to visit the campaign website to learn how you can get involved! We also ask that you like our Facebook Page.

Promoting Our Values, Proving Our Worth Toolkit: A Realistic, Concrete Approach – Julie Todaro, Past Chair

Move beyond the past by asking the hard questions and finding answers that work today. A sampling of topics covered includes reframing critical inquiries, creating a culture of measurement and assessment, using data effectively, and making your case to decision makers.

Pocket Guide  (PDF)

Public Relations Campaigns

PR & Media Relations Toolkit

TLA Media Room

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