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Angela Skaggs

Angela L. Skaggs
Assistant Director for Access Services 
Porter Henderson Library, Angelo State University  

Professional experience

I obtained my BA from Trinity University in 1973, majoring in English, History, and Secondary Education. I spent the next year teaching 7th grade and coming to the realization that I could not sign another one-year contract to teach. Maybe my second year would have been better, but I just couldn’t do it! I moved on to get my MLS from George Peabody College for Teachers in 1975, even though had never been employed in a library. Hurray for leaps of faith! The next two years were spent as Circulation Librarian at Belmont College. My library career then took the back seat while I served as a pastor’s wife and a stay at home mom for 9 years, and as a research assistant and Administrative Assistant to the head of the Biochemistry and Biophysics Department at Texas A & M University.

The opportunity to return to libraryland came in January 1990, when I was hired as Circulation Librarian at Angelo State University, where I am still employed, although my responsibilities have evolved, and I now serve as Assistant Director for Access Services.

In the past dozen or so years, I’ve had many TLA involvements, including District 1 Chair; TALL Texans (Class of 2003); ATRT Secretary/Treasurer & Co-Chair of Technology Showcase; Chair of District Planning Committee; Chair of SMART; Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and Councilor of MRT2; TLA Task Force on Districts; TLA Awards Committee; and TLA Intellectual Freedom Committee. In every task I’ve undertaken, I’ve enjoyed the incredible support of the TLA office staff. They are AWESOME! 

Innovative library practices

Probably the most innovative library practice that I’ve seen has been the Learning Commons here at the ASU library. We visited other institutions and learned from their experiences, and then worked with a visionary group of architects. The result has been truly transformational. A once very traditional (and underused) library is now serving over 2,000 students per day during the fall and spring semesters, and it pulsates with life and energy.

Favorite literary character or book

The Time It Never Rained by Elmer Kelton has to be my favorite book. As a West Texan from a long ranching heritage, I have known the characters in this book all my life. And sad to say, “they don’t make ‘em like that anymore.”

Most memorable TLA experience

I’ve had many memorable TLA experiences, each more memorable than the previous. My hallmark experience, however, has and continues to be TALL Texans. I gained leadership skills, confidence, friends, and a network of contacts, and most of my subsequent experiences are due to having had that very special opportunity.

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