2018 TLA Election Results

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Congratulations to the following individuals who were elected in the 2018 TLA Election conducted by Survey and Ballot Systems, Inc. These newly-elected individuals will take office at the close of the 2018 TLA Annual Conference in Dallas.

TLA Executive Board
President: Jennifer LaBoon (automatic succession)
President-Elect: Cecilia Barham
Representative-at-Large: Christina Gola
Representative-at-Large: Rebecca (Becky) Sullivan
ALA Councilor: Mary Woodard

College and University Libraries Division
Chair-Elect: Jonathan Helmke

Public Libraries Division
Chair-Elect: Elizabeth Sargent
Councilor: Maggie Fox
Secretary: Melissa Mote
Treasurer: Morgan McMillian

Texas Association of School Librarians
Chair-Elect: Richelle O’Neil
Secretary: Lisa Zinkie

Special Libraries Division
Chair-Elect: Valerie Prilop

Acquisitions and Collection Development Round Table
Chair-Elect: Rose Adams
Secretary-Treasurer: Stacey Wolf

Black Caucus Round Table
Chair-Elect: Kimberly Gay

Cataloging & Metadata Round Table
Councilor: Laura McElfresh
Councilor Alternate: Hannah Olsen

Children’s Round Table
Chair-Elect: Melanie Scales
Secretary: Anne Neidinger

Library Support Staff Round Table
Chair-Elect: Ashly Ferguson

Supervision, Management & Administration Round Table
Chair-Elect: Joseph Rowe-Morris
Councilor: Patricia Peters
Councilor Alternate: Karen Hart
Secretary-Treasurer: Helen Talley

TALL Texans Round Table
Chair-Elect: Mark Gottschalk
Secretary-Treasurer: Kelsey Brett

Texas Authors & Illustrators Round Table
Chair Elect: Jessica Lee Anderson
Secretary: Patricia Vermillion

Young Adults Round Table
Chair-Elect: Susan Schilling

Secretary: Kim Warwick

District 1
Chair-Elect: Chrissy Adkins

Secretary-Treasurer: Eddy Smith
Councilor: Maurice Fortin

Councilor Alternate: James Floyd

District 2
Chair Elect: Robert Smith

District 3
Chair-Elect: Andria Heiges

Secretary: Selma Flores

District 4
Chair-Elect: Dale Saenz

Secretary-Treasurer: Maria Elena Ovalle

District 5
Chair-Elect: Mary Lynn Saxton
Secretary: Holly Russell
Treasurer: Hannah Olsen

District 6
Chair-Elect: Lizzie Ochoa

Councilor: Sharon Amastae
Councilor Alternate: Marissa Testerman

District 7
Chair-Elect: Karen Smith

District 8
Treasurer: Karen Hart

District 10
Chair-Elect: Jacob Sherman
Secretary -Treasurer: Krystyna Mrozek

Members also approved a change to the TLA bylaws, substituting Discussion Groups for Interest Groups. Discussion Groups may be organized by interest or activity for the purpose of providing member opportunities for informal dialogue. They may be formed through petition with 25 signatures, each representing a charter member of the group, and shall achieve official status when the petition has been certified by the executive director. TLA members may join a Discussion Group by adding the group to their annual membership renewal; there are no dues associated with a Discussion Group.

Created on Mar 26, 2018 | Last updated March 27, 2018