How to Get Bills Paid

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The Executive Director is charged in the Bylaws with maintaining the accounts of each unit, but only the unit chair can authorize the spending of the money in the unit account. The reimbursement form (doc) is the mechanism for authorizing payment of money owed by the unit.


If you as chair of `X' unit needs to buy $5 worth of stamps , you need only a receipt for the stamps. If you incur $8.27 in long distance phone time of your unit's business, you may use photocopies of your phone bill with the TLA calls circled as your documentation. Attach receipts and send to it to the TLA office. We generally pay outstanding bills on Wednesday. NOTE: The TLA Executive Board has established the policy that all invoices and expenses must be submitted by June 30 in order to be reimbursed.

If a committee member incurs expenses that need reimbursement, ask the member to send the receipts to you. You then attach them to a pink form directing the TLA office to reimburse your member. Alternatively, you may wish to have the member complete the form, but the signature of the chair must be on the form.


If you need some printing done, for example, that will cost more than such small sums noted above, you may ask the vendor to invoice TLA and send the bill to you. You may then complete a pink form authorizing payment from your unit's funds, attach the bill, and submit it for payment. Or you may ask that the bill be sent directly to the TLA office for payment, and submit the pink form separately to authorize payment. In the later case, you should be particularly careful to describe the size and purpose of the payment in order to ensure that your unit is not incorrectly charged.


TLA is exempt from most sales taxes, but the only way you can avoid this charge is to give the vendor a certificate which he/she can keep on hand as documentation. It is perfectly all right to use photocopies of the certificate. The certificate is only good for sales direct to the tax-exempt entity.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: The TLA Executive Board has stated that all expense reimbursements must be submitted to the TLA office on or before June 30, in order to be reimbursed from TLA funds.

REMEMBER: TLA Executive Director must sign all contracts (e.g., hotel meeting space, speakers, caterers)
involving TLA funds. TLA units must stay within their allotted budgets. Expenses in excess
of allocated budgets will not be paid by the TLA office. 

Created on Apr 10, 2010 | Last updated April 10, 2010