Presentation Opportunities at the TLA Annual Conference

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Along with general sessions and individual programs, many unique activities and opportunities exist at a TLA Annual Conference. Here are a few that might appeal to you as both a presenter and attendee.

Programs & Happenings


TBD • Sign up to compete; show up to enjoyContestants address a theme by weaving comments around unfamiliar projected images.

Collaboration Space

Want to get new ideas? Talk about challenges you face in the field? Meet like-minded individuals? Send us your proposal to host a 60 minute facilitated small group discussion around a table about any topic relevant to libraries or librarians.

Innovation Lab 2019 

Share your maker programs and ideas. The exhibition will be open each day of conference, April 15-19, 2019. 

Pop-Up Presentations

The 2018 TLA Conference Program Committee is excited to announce an exciting and approachable way for you to contribute to the 2018 Texas Library Association Conference in Dallas! 

Posters & More
The 2018 Conference Program Committee is looking for your stories and accomplishments as they relate to all aspects of library and librarianship. If you aren’t quite ready to present a full session, the Great Ideas: Posters & More session is a great opportunity to showcase your ideas and share with fellow librarians. 



Created on Sep 22, 2016 | Last updated July 17, 2018