Save Our Texas Libraries!

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  T H E    L O C A L    F I G H T

Proposed state and local budget cuts are threatening the provision of local library services. From school libraries to TX Love Librariespublic and academic libraries, our local libraries are in danger of losing significant funding for staff, programs, digital and print resources, and hours of operation.

Take Action by contacting state officials and legislators who represent you.

We cannot say we believe in a strong Texas – in promoting education, economic development, and a competitive workforce – if we decrease investment in the very institutions, resources, and staff who equalize learning opportunities for everyone in Texas.

If you are facing a local fight for your library, here is what you must do:

  1. Contact as many people as you know and make them aware of the situation. Contact friends, support groups, local authors, PTA groups, reading groups, student groups, faculty senate, book clubs, etc. Use Facebook, blogs, Twitter, community email lists – just get the word out!

  2. Give them talking points applicable to your situation.

  3. Get people to start contacting the people who make decisions over the library’s budget. In addition to the talking point resources linked from this page, we have provided scripts for answering tough questions.

    • School Libraries – School Board Members and Superintendent (get names and email addresses from the district’s webpage)

    • Public Libraries – City Council Members, Mayor, and City Manager; County Commissioners (get names and email addresses from the city or county homepage)

    • Academic Libraries – President, Board and Regents (get names and contact information from the institution website)

  4. Contact local media. Mobilize support. The goal is to have as many people as possible contacting decision makers in support of saving libraries and librarians!



School, Public, and Academic Libraries

Scripts for answering tough questions

You may use the comment link below to share stories and concerns about the libraries in your community:

Created on Jan 24, 2011 | Last updated February 17, 2011