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Welcome to the online version of
Texas Reference Sources!

Texas Reference Sources (TRS) is a selective guide to reference works on, or relating to, Texas and Texans. It is designed to supplement the American Library Association's Guide to Reference.

This site is a continuation and update of the 5th edition published by the Texas Library Association in 2004. All content and updates for the printed 5th edition are posted on this site. Due to the large number of revisions, additions, and deletions to Texas Reference Sources since its publication in 2004, the online version was determined to have supplanted the print edition by 2008 and remaining print copies of the 5th edition were withdrawn from TLA Publications inventory and are no longer available for sale. Updating of the errata file for the print edition was discontinued in 2006.

As a continuing project of the Reference and Information Services Round Table of the Texas Library Association, volunteers throughout Texas compiled, edited, and continue to update this work in the hope of providing a useful guide to identifying both printed and electronic resources on all aspects of Texan life, history, economics, government, and culture. Christy Singleton supervises the project as General Editor.

Links to remote websites open in a new browser window. Navigation within the pages of TRSOnline is through the links at the top of the screen and your browser BACK button.

Suggestions for improvement and recommendations for additional important reference works to be included are welcome and may be sent to Christy Singleton, singleton@tarleton.edu.

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