Strategic Long Range Plan 2012-2015

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A Statement of Vision, Mission,
Values, and Major Initiatives
(Strategic Plan 2012-2015; Adopted by TLA Council April 20, 2012)

Founding Purpose

The objective of this Association shall be to promote and improve library service in Texas (TLA Bylaws, Article II)


The mission of the Texas Library Association is to empower library personnel and supporters to develop library excellence for the people of Texas.

Core Organizational Values

  • Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Equity of Access to Information
  • Ethical Responsibility and Integrity
  • Excellence in Libraries and Librarianship
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Literacy and Lifelong Learning
  • Social Responsibility and the Public Good

Envisioned Future

Each and every Texan recognizes the value that libraries bring to their lives

Vivid Description of Our Future

Texans are proud to have the best libraries in the world. The people of Texas and the governments and organizations that represent them enthusiastically work with libraries to make each one a model of excellence. The people who work for and support Texas libraries add significant value to the information seeking needs of all Texans.

TLA is a positive role model and valued leader, partner, resource, and advocate for Texas libraries. TLA reaches Texas communities, expanding access both physically and virtually, to bring literacy and lifelong learning to the forefront. TLA seeks innovation and sustainability of resources to connect and inspire all Texans to grow, learn, and reach for excellence.

 Strategic Initiatives and Action Items

The Strategic Initiatives and Action Items represent key areas of focus for the Association for the next three years. Accomplishing these initiatives will move the Association closer to its envisioned future. The initiatives are not listed in priority order.

Strategic Initiative #1

There are increasing demands from all stakeholders to demonstrate quantitative as well as qualitative value. TLA and its members will convincingly demonstrate the value of libraries and librarians to these stakeholders through advocacy and related actions at the state and local levels.

Action Items:

  1. Cultivate a diverse community of champions for libraries
  2. Develop a campaign that will raise awareness of the value of libraries and librarians
  3. Identify and articulate what users value about library services
  4. Bolster efforts to enhance funding for libraries and library services
  5. Develop mechanisms to highlight and recognize best practices in libraries

Strategic Initiative #2

TLA will develop an online dashboard that reflects the evolving nature of  potential and current TLA members and that highlights critical library-related issues.

Action Items:

  1. Understand  the placement success, career goals, and needs of  library school students and others entering the profession
  2. Understand the evolving skills, knowledge, and experience requirements for library personnel
  3. Monitor the library environment, identify critical issues and report to the TLA membership for possible planning and action
  4. Enhance the TLA membership database to include further demographic information and member expectations and interests

Strategic Initiative #3

TLA values, seeks, and develops a diverse leadership and membership. All barriers to full member participation based upon gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, or disability will be identified and eliminated.

Action Items:

  1. Build a diversity action plan

Strategic Initiative #4

TLA will forge new relationships and strengthen existing ones to benefit libraries and the people they serve. TLA will promote collaboration and partnerships within the library community and help individual libraries partner with other groups to strengthen their own services.

Action Items:

  1. Collaborate with the state legislature and other agencies to increase funding for all types of libraries
  2. Encourage the creation of local collaboratives for resource sharing and enhanced services by showcasing all types of successful partnerships
  3. Facilitate dialogues between library educators and the library community for mutual benefit
  4. Identify and collaborate with organizations that complement library services for mutual benefit

Strategic Initiative #5

TLA will provide online tools for members to participate in association business and events.

Action Items: 

  1. Explore and deploy a digital solution to capture TLA’s organizational knowledge
  2. Develop a prototype for synchronous virtual tracks for major events, conferences, and meeting

Strategic Planning Task Force

  • Sherilyn Bird, Texas Woman's University
  • Jesús Campos, South Texas College
  • Maribel Castro, Lubbock ISD
  • Carlyn Gray, Round Rock ISD
  • Kathy Hoffman, Retired, Co-chair
  • Karen Hopkins, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Karen Kessel, Hays CISD
  • April Kessler, University of Texas Austin
  • Meller Langford, Houston Public Library
  • Maria Elena Ovalle, Region One ESC
  • David Schuster, Plano ISD
  • Beth Scudder, McKinney Public Library System
  • Patricia Smith, TLA
  • Alice Specht, Hardin-Simmons University
  • Loretta Wallace, University of Houston
  • Richard Wayne, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Co-chair
  • Jerilynn A.Williams, Montgomery County Memorial Library System

Advisors: Chris Jowaisas, TLA; Ted Wanner, TLA

Strategic Planning Task Force Environmental Scan Subcommittee

  • Martha Buckbee, UT Southwestern Medical Center
  • Kathy Hoffman, Retired, Co-chair
  •  Karen Hopkins, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Billy Hoya, University of Houston Downtown
  • Mary Jarvis, West Texas A&M University
  • Terry Alegria Roper, Region 10 ESC
  • Richard Wayne, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Co-chair
  • Syma Zerkow, Houston Public Library

Strategic Planning Task Force Vision Mission Values Subcommittee

  • Lisa Ancelet, Texas State University - San Marcos
  • Lea Brogan, San Antonio ISD
  • Kathy Hoffman, Retired, Co-chair
  • Ann Mason, Austin Community College
  • Gretchen Pruett, New Braunfels Public Library
  • Beth Scudder, City of McKinney
  • Robin Stout, Lewisville ISD
  • Sara Tebes, Irving Public Library
  • Richard Wayne, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Co-chair
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