Texas Library Connection Distribution List

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About TLC

The Texas Library Connection (TLC) listserv is open to anyone interested in joining the listserv.  Participants do not have to be TLA members, and no fee will be assessed of joining the list.  The purpose of this list is to enable a professional discussion among school librarians and interested individuals throughout the state.  The topics of the list relate strictly to school library matters.  The TLC list continues the same professional standards established under the list’s first administrator, the Texas Education Agency; anyone engaging in inappropriate discussions or spamming will be banned from the list. 

Instructions for joining, leaving, and posting to the list

  • To POST a message, please subscribe using the SUBSCRIBE form below, then send your email to tlc@txla.org. Messages will be posted to the list immediately upon being sent.
  • To SUBSCRIBE, please enter your e-mail address as well as your first and last name below, then press "subscribe." 
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  • To UNSUBSCRIBE, please enter the e-mail address with which you are currently subscribed to TLC.
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Setting list preferences

In order to execute any of the following commands, you must send an email to lyris@txla.org (do not send this to tlc@txla.org).  You must include the specific command in the body of the email.

    * To set your account to digest mode:  set tlc digest
    * To suspend mail from the list temporarily: set tlc nomail
    * To resume mail from the list (command depends on your preferred mode): set tlc mail or set tlc digest
    * To receive acknowledgement when your posts are distributed: set tlc ack
    * To get no confirmation message when posts are distributed: set tlc noack
    * To receive copies of your own posts: set tlc repro
    * To not receive copies of your own posts: set tlc norepro

Viewing list archives

To view the TLC message archive, please visit: http://lyris.txla.org/read/?forum=tlc 

Created on Jun 2, 2010 | Last updated September 12, 2018