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Answers to all of your exhibit-related questions.

Authors Area

The Authors Area is a convenient place in the exhibit hall for attendees to meet authors. TLA attendees love it and look forward to it each year. Authors registered for the Authors Area receive complimentary promotion on the TLA website and conference app. The list of confirmed author signing times is published here and updated as new confirmations come in. It also lists speakers appearing at the conference.

Review the FAQ below or contact Kasey Hyde for more information.

  • How do I qualify to autograph in the Conference exhibit hall?
    You must either be sponsored by a current exhibitor or sponsored by TLA as a program author/speaker.
  • What is the cost?
    It is complimentary.
  • When is Authors Area open and where is it located?
    The Author Area is located in the exhibit hall and open during exhibit hall hours.
  • Who should autograph in the Authors Area?
    Children’s/YA authors from medium to large publishing houses and/or authors who will speak at the Conference. These popular authors usually generate more traffic than what the sponsoring exhibitor’s space allows. Lines forming in the aisle potentially blocking other exhibitors and/or the aisle are show violations. The Authors Area is designed to accommodate the longer lines. Please contact us about adult authors.

    • All popular authors or those that are also conference speakers need to autograph in the Authors Area. The exception is if the exhibitor has a 20×20 or larger island exhibit space and can control the line in or on the perimeter of their space. Approval by the Authors Area Chairs is still required regardless of exhibit space size.
    • All medium to large publishers, especially those with visiting authors handing out free signed copies or those who are popular conference speakers, MUST schedule their authors in the Authors Area.
    • Action for onsite non-compliance: If the author’s signing line grows in a way that blocks other exhibitors or aisles, the line will be moved to an open aisle in the Authors Area. No extra time will be added to the signing time. If no aisle is available in the Authors Area, the exhibitor representative will be required to end the line at the point where it blocks traffic in the aisles.
  • How do I schedule a signing time?
    Schedule a time by completing the Author Autographing Reservation form. Contact Kasey Hyde for the form link or watch for it in the ExpoInfo and ShowPrep. The form should be submitted to as soon as possible. Author Area times are assigned on a “first(-)come, first(-)served basis.” We will contact you with any questions or concerns about the requested time/ day.
  • How often can an author be scheduled in the Authors Area?
    You are allowed up to 2 hours each day per author. The time can be scheduled in one 2(-)hour block or in two 1(-)hour blocks.
  • Can I sell books in the Authors Area and in the exhibit space?
    Yes, you are encouraged to sell books. You must provide your own cash box or credit card machine. Electricity if provided. You must also have your exhibit space staffed during your signing times in the Authors Area. Staff/Volunteers are prohibited from handling money in the Authors Area. You may consider hiring a temporary staff to work the exhibit space or accompany the author during autographing.
  • Is there a limit on the number of books that author can sign per person?
    Yes, we let attendee know on the conference FAQ that the limit is 3 items per person. If you want to change this number for your author, please make that known in your exhibit space before the signing or in your ad in the Conference Program, etc.
  • How do I get my books to the Authors Area from the exhibit space?
    To assist you with selling your books during your authors’ time in the Authors Area, TLA offers a complimentary book delivery service from your exhibit space to the Authors Area and return. Please contact Kasey Hyde to use this service. To request this onsite, see the Authors Area volunteers or the exhibits staff at Exhibitor Registration.
  • What are the rules for autographing in the exhibit space?
    With approval from the Authors Area Chairs, Authors will be allowed to autograph in their sponsoring exhibitor’s exhibit space in addition to the Authors Area, but only if the lines are confined within the exhibit space. Any business conducted outside the exhibit space is a direct violation of TLA and the industry show rules. This includes author signing, demonstrations, or give-aways that would create crowds in the aisles and block neighboring exhibitors.
  • When can I obtain a list of authors registered for the TLA conference?
    Authors and speakers scheduled to appear at the conference will be listed here as their information is confirmed. Printable lists of author signing times will be added around mid-March and updated as possible until one week before staff is onsite. The conference app will also have the most updated information about author signings times. It will be updated as possible onsite.
Badges & Tickets


  • How do I submit badge information?
    Submit your badge information online through your secure administration area.
  • How many complimentary badges do we receive?
    Each exhibiting firm is allowed 3 representatives per 10’x10′ exhibit space and 2 representatives per 5’x10’.
  • What if I need to exceed my badge limit?
    Additional badges can be obtained for $60. Please note: We allow extra badges to be purchased for additional exhibitor representatives who are working the exhibit space or in the hall during the conference, such as an extra author who will only be at TLA to autograph. We encourage all exhibitors to attend general sessions and evening events outside the show so your badge gives you full registration privileges for this reason. If you have librarians who will help staff the space but also plan to attend educational programs, they need to register as an attendee. We have many attendees who may work a exhibit space for a few hours during the show opening. It isn’t necessary to wear an exhibitor badge to do so.
  • What is the deadline for badge submission?


  • How do I obtain tickets for programs at the Conference?
    Purchase tickets to programs through your secure administration area via your badge registration. Exhibitor badge and ticket registration is available in February.
  • What is the deadline for ticket purchases?
  • Where and when will I obtain my tickets and badges?
    At Exhibitor Registration during the Conference. (Not at Freeman’s Exhibitor Services)
TLA Buyers Guide produced by Multiview
  • What is the TLA Buyers Guide
    It is a mobile friendly tool to assist librarians with their search for library-related companies who provide a particular product or service they are seeking. As of September 2018 TLA has partnered with North America’s largest B2B publisher, MultiView, to produce your new buyers guide and  TLA Weekly News Brief e-newsletter. This buyers guide is TLA’s new home for all company listings, and is organized by categories and headings for easily-searchable results. You can also search for listings in the guide by name, keyword, or other relevant term.
  • Is the online TLA Buyers Guide information different than the printed Exhibits Directory?
    Yes, the online guide provides extensive information for TLA members to access 24/7. The Exhibits Directory offers limited contact information.
  • How do I process an update to the TLA Buyers Guide?
    Login here to submit updates to your listing in the Buyers Guide
  • How long will it take for my update to appear on the website after I submit it?
    Updates will usually appear within 24 hours of submission during business hours.
  • How many categories can I choose?
    Information coming soon.
  • What is included in my listing as a current exhibitor on the TLA Buyers Guide in addition to categories I choose?
    All current exhibitors receive a Completed (Enhanced) Listing. This includes: Company Name, Phone Number, Address, Email, Description, Logo, Additional Contact Information Options.
  • I see ads on the TLA Buyers Guide. How do I purchase an ad?
    The TLA buyers guide offer various display advertising options, and searchable content options, all of which can be found via the TLA Buyers Guide Media Kit. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about how to keep your company top-of-mind to our members, contact MultiView directly at (972) 402-7070.
  • Is the online TLA Buyers Guide a separate guide than the list offered on  and the printed in the Exhibits Directory?
    Yes, the new and improved online guide provides extensive information for TLA members to access 24/7 with categories. It is a separate website than the listing on the TLA website.
  • In addition to the new TLA Buyers Guide, what other listings do we receive as a current exhibitor?
    All exhibitors are listed online in the TLA Exhibits list and the online FX map, and the TLA Conference App. In addition, all exhibitors are listed in the Conference Program (included in the winter TLJ), Exhibits Directory (included in the spring TLJ), Pocket Program and the Aisle X Aisle Coupon Book. Exhibitors must contract to exhibit by the deadline date of the publications.
Exhibitor Events & Program Proposals

Exhibitor Events

  • What are the requirements to be able to host an exhibitor sponsored meeting in a conference hotel in the exhibit hall?
    Only current exhibitors may contract for meeting space in an official conference hotel or in a meeting room space in the exhibit hall designated for exhibitors. All meeting space will be available on a first-come basis. To exhibit, see Exhibit Info or contact Cindy Boyle.
  • How do I book a meeting room and whom do I contact for catering, room setup, audio/visual, and internet?
    For hotel meeting space, contact the hotel representative directly for your meeting needs. Hotel contacts for TLA 2021 will posted asap. If you choose to book a space with a hotel, you will be billed directly by the hotel as TLA is not involved with any arrangements with the hotel.
  • To reserve one of the EXHIBITOR SHOWCASES see the following details:
    • Location – TBD
    • Room Setup – 8′ high pipe/drape around perimeter. Drape can be opened for all-conference invitation.
    • Seating for up to 100 total
    • Days/times – During Exhibit Hall hours, time will start at the top of each hour at 50 minute intervals based on the exhibit hall schedule. Please have more than one choice available if possible.
    • For meeting requests on Friday, April 23, contact Robin Morris.
    • You can choose your event to be private by invitation-only or to be an all-conference event which will appear in the conference app.  You have the option to rent an attendee list to promote your program. The schedule will be promoted here as well. Include the link in promotions to your customers.
    • Cost:  TBD. This includes mic, stage, a/v screen, projector with stand, electricity, & internet wifi. The fee will appear on your exhibits invoice to pay via electronic check, credit card or PayPal.
    • If you need catering or additional audio visual services, see the service kit available in November.
    • Reservations will be accepted starting mid-November. You can choose for your event to be all-conference. Confirmations will be sent starting mid-January. Deadline to reserve your room is TBD.

Program Proposals

3. What means of marketing our exhibitor-sponsored meeting does TLA offer?
Advertise in the Texas Library Journal (Conference Program in winter and Exhibits Directory in spring) or rent attendee lists. See all marketing opportunities here.

4. How do I submit to speak at an official TLA conference program?
Here are a few suggestions:

  • Seek a TLA sponsor such as a division or round table.  The Exhibitors Round Table is a possibility.   Depending on the type of library, you may want to contact the chair of that division such as the Public Library Division.  Are you a TLA member?  It helps to join TLA and the group you are seeking to sponsor.  Here is the membership link. Once you join, you login to Members Only to access our member and officer databases to contact unit officers.  You will need to join ERT to be eligible to submit a program to them.
  • Plan Early! Submit a program proposal to our conference program committee between January – June for the following year’s conference:
  • Sponsorship of a program or event can offer you an audience to expose your service/product.  Contact Cindy Boyle  for sponsorship opportunities.
Profile Listing
  • What is the Profile Listing
    The listing includes contact information, description, live link to company website, and company logo (will appear on mobile app). TLA members have access to all company information.
TLA Official Suppliers
  • What is this warning about?
    TLA exhibitors are solicited by companies falsely representing themselves as TLA official suppliers. To ensure that you only do business with TLA suppliers, see our list here.
  • Why are housing poachers so bad for us and for TLA?
    Poachers can cost all of us! Read our warning from onPeak here. You can end up with no room(s), pay a very expensive cancellation fee, and/or end up at a non-official hotel with no free bus transportation. Take a few minutes to read this informative industry article about housing poachers.
  • What is the information to reach onPeak by phone?
    Call to speak with our agents at (800) 243-1205 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM CT, Monday – Friday. If you have an existing reservation, please have your onPeak Attendance/Group ID number handy.
  • What advice do you have if they have solicited us or if we have signed a contract?
    If you are solicited you should seek counsel and carefully review any document before entering into any agreement, contract or other relationship with a company. See this WARNING for information and instructions on filing a mail fraud complaint with the U.S. Postal Inspectors.
  • There are several companies falsely representing TLA and our official suppliers. Here are a few of many who are from the past and present.
    • Solutions Leads – email & contact lists
    • Database Consultants – email & contact lists
    • B2B Shows – email & contact lists
    • Demand Generation – email & contact lists
    • TravelEra LLC – Housing/Hotel Bookings
    • Global Data Providers – contacts & email lists
    • Diamond Housing Associates and Exhibitor Housing Services are two that may be soliciting for housing. onPeak is the official housing firm.
    • Fair Guide/Construct Data Publishers has solicited advertising in their “Directory” by referencing past TLA conferences.
    • Gse AV – General Session & Exposition Audio Visual Rentals – various locations
    • Lead Lizard Lead Retrieval Services in Houston, Texas
    • Trade Show Internet offering wifi services in Austin, Texas
    • Lanyon – mobile technology for conferences & meetings
    • Datas Research – contacts and database services
    • – exhibit space setup, carpet, etc.
    • SkyVision – Audio Visual Equipment

When in doubt contact Cindy Boyle to see if any company is an official TLA supplier.