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booth set-up information and resources for exhibitors

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Program Proposals

Below are suggestions to submit information in order to participate on a panel or speaker at a TLA Annual Conference.

  • Seek a TLA sponsor such as a division or round table. Depending on the type of library attendee, you may want to contact the chair of that division such as the Public Library Division. See all TLA Groups here.
  • Plan Early. Submit a program proposal to our conference program committee between May – June for the following year’s conference:
  • Sponsorship of a program or event can offer you an audience to expose your service/product.  Contact Cindy Boyle  for sponsorship opportunities.
  • Exhibitors can purchase an Exhibitor Showcase, during the TLA Conference.
TLA Official Suppliers

Poachers can cost all of us! TLA exhibitors may be solicited by companies falsely representing themselves as TLA. If you are solicited, you should seek counsel and carefully review any document before entering into any agreement, contract or other relationship with a company. When in doubt contact Cindy Boyle, TLA Exhibit Manager. A list of suppliers will be available in January for current exhibitors.  See the list in the ShowPrep and all supplier information and forms in the service kit. For supplier information or questions, contact Casey Rice. 

Archive of Past TLA Conferences

See attendance breakouts for past conferences here.