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Presentation Opportunities

TLA 2023 Call for Presentations

The Conference Planning Committee (CPC) is seeking proposals for the TLA Annual Conference being held in Austin, Texas on April 19-22! The 2023 conference theme is Libraries Unite. The TLA 2023 Conference goal is to unite all library workers in the common purpose of providing knowledge, information, and services that will enhance individual growth and benefit the community the library serves.

Anyone interested in sharing their experiences, ideas, or the latest technologies that can benefit the greater Texas library community is encouraged to submit a presentation proposal.

Tips for a successful submission

Deadline to Submit Proposals: June 20, 2022 (11:59 p.m.)

Submit Your Proposal

In order to reach our goal, we invite…

Conference attendees to: Conference planners to:
1. Attend with specific learning goals and an open mind, ready to implement the ideas learned. 1. Think innovatively and inclusively about the ways libraries unite people using ideas and information.
2. Use time at the conference to network and connect with others in the library community who can help accomplish your goals. 2. Provide attendees with opportunities to expand their thinking about the role libraries play in society, now and in the future.
3. Explore various ways a library works as a unifying agent in its diverse community, whether it is in a school, public, academic, or special setting. 3. Design programs that inspire and influence attendees to develop actionable steps that improve library services to the community.

If you think you have an interesting topic but want feedback or suggestions for developing an idea into a presentation, please email the CPC team, and someone will respond to you in a timely manner. 

Otherwise, submit your proposal at your earliest convenience. We look forward to reviewing your proposal!


Concurrent Session Presentation: Presentations on a topic of current interest to the library community are typically 60-minutes long (including time for Q&A). Concurrent Session presentations run concurrently with other sessions.

Concurrent Session Panel: 60-minute discussions with a moderator and a team of panelists. The panel moderator must submit an abstract on the discussion topic, a draft list of panelists, and an overview of the panel presentation. Acceptance of panel submissions will be based on the proposed topic, the expertise of proposed panelists, as well as the potential for informative and constructive discussion. Concurrent Session panels run concurrently with other sessions.

Lightning Talks: Short presentations, limited to ten minutes, given by attendees at the TLA Annual Conference. If you have a topic that has interesting data to show, or story to tell – just not a full hour, we encourage you to consider submitting it as a Lightning Talk.

Pre-Conference Sessions: Intensive workshops conducted on the day before the conference officially starts. They are three or six hours in length and focus on practical skill building in a specific topic area and/or for professional development. These sessions are ticketed events and should be highly engaging, interactive sessions with clearly outlined objectives that can be achieved within the time frame of the session.


All sessions must fall within at least one of the primary tracks. Submitters are encouraged to identify one to three secondary tracks under which their presentation/panel falls.

Primary and secondary track list