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Media Virtual Presence (MVP) Award

Honoring school librarians who show excellence in their digital presence.

The Media/Virtual Presence (MVP) Award is given to those school librarians who show excellence in their virtual presence through several different avenues, including but not limited to professional websites, school library websites, blogs, and social media.  Winners of this award will be selected by the Texas Association of School Librarians (TASL) MVP Award Committee.  The Committee will consider each applicant’s media/virtual presence as a total package with particular emphasis on evidence of student learning products and classroom-library collaboration.  Applicants should, therefore, present the sum total of their online presence as one application.

To Nominate

To nominate yourself or another librarian for the MVP Award, complete this form by January 19, 2024.


  1. Relevance: The Web-based social media used pertains to K-12 libraries and includes relevant and currently updated information on library-related information that impacts school libraries and school communities.  Posts and media celebrate diversity and inclusion.
  2. Timeliness and Variety: Updated and current, Web media must have consistent and regular postings during the preceding and current years.  Librarian uses several types of social media to communicate about the library program and profession (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Flipgrid, and others)
  3. Blog or Library Website Components: Different graphics, links, widgets, and/or media are displayed on the site to evoke interactive participation as well as timely information that relates directly to the library program.  Student learning products and classroom-library collaboration are evidenced in the postings.
  4. Social Media Quality Components: Posts related to multiple topics, include images and links, and engender retweets/faves that indicate interaction with others.  The social media postings include examples of the areas of the AASL domains, including how librarians help students think, create, share, and grow.
  5. Appearance: Graphics and videos are pleasing in appearance and the effort put into the appearance is obvious. Web media is accessible through the use of alt text and/or closed captioning. Images, tags, or hashtags are placed to help users find information readily. The writing is fluent, easy to read, free of typographical errors, and grammatically correct. (Or the writing follows the conventions of the tool such as comprehensible abbreviations on Twitter.)  Copyright information/links are used where appropriate and all links are active.

Each year there will be an award for best MVP (Media/Virtual Presence) as well as two honorary awards for excellence.

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