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Young Adult Reading Incentive Award (YARI)

Honoring a librarian for exceptional ability to motivate young adults to read.

The purpose of the Young Adult Reading Incentive (YARI) Award is to honor a librarian who has shown exceptional ability in motivating young adults to read by developing and implementing a reading incentive program for young adults in grades 6-12.

The award consists of an engraved plaque and a stipend of $500 to be presented at the TLA Annual Conference.

YARI Award Submission Form


  • Development and implementation of a creative and effective reading incentive program for young adults in grades 6-12 within the preceding eighteen months.
  • Evidence of patron/student motivation to read and participate in the reading incentive program.

The Recipient

  • Must be a member of the Young Adult Round Table.
  • Must be a public or school librarian who has served young adults in grades 6-12 within the preceding eighteen months of the presentation of the award.
  • May be nominated by any resident of the State of Texas: self, school administrators, students, teachers, librarians, library board members, Friends of the Library members, parents, patrons, etc.
  • May not be nominated while serving on the Young Adult Round Table Awards Committee or for 12 months following terms of service.


Winner of the YARI 2021 Award:

Chari Kauffman, North Shore Middle School Librarian
Program: Bookflix Reading Challenge

Bookflix, our 2020-2021 reading incentive is designed to engage students, introduce them to available library books, and to entice them to read for enjoyment or improvement.  Because our instructional arrangement for this year is blended learning, we knew our incentive had to work for either students who attend face to face or online. In addition, as part of our Covid mitigation plan, the school administrators closed the library to the students for the year to prevent them from touching the books and potentially spreading the Covid-19 Virus.  As a result, the librarian did not have daily access to about 60% of our students (virtual).  We wanted to design something that could allow students to browse online, and to allow them to put books on hold for either room delivery or curbside delivery. 

Preparation for the Bookflix Reading Challenge was extensive.  First, we designed our Bookflix website to enable students to explore books through watching a book commercial, reading an online sample and checking the library catalog for availability.  This required downloading lots of book covers, book commercial videos, uploading these videos into Flipgrid (free hosting of videos), then linking them to the books on the website. In addition, we linked a sample of the book from Google Books for students to be able to preview a book.  Finally, we linked the books to our Library Catalog so students could see if the book was available and place it on hold.  We also linked our Sora Reading App to the website to provide easy access for the students.  Next, we designed our online tracker for students to complete.  This was added to the website, but also assigned to each student through their ELAR Teacher’s Google Classroom.  Our tracker contains 64 squares to fill with icons – for every 20 minutes of reading – they place an icon in their tracker.  Once completed, the students have read over 21 hours and can submit it to the librarian for a small prize!   Local businesses were contacted to donate prizes for our students.  Second, we made a video that demonstrated how to navigate the website, and also a video that promoted the reading challenge. The demonstration video was placed on the website, and the promotional video was used for social media and played in the cafeteria to the students.  Next, we downloaded QR codes to be used in a display where face to face students can scan the code to watch a book commercial.  QR codes were also placed on covers of books for students to access before checking out a book in addition to promotional flyers designed and posted around the school.  Finally, we created a phone app using Glide.  Students can access all of the website information on their phones!

This year’s Bookflix Reading Incentive Program was designed to accomplish the following:  

  1. Remove barriers to books that Covid restrictions forced by providing resources to students to access books and enjoy them. 
  2. Make books available to students through onsite book delivery or curbside delivery. 
  3. Fun format to draw students into the desire to read.  
  4. Since students are not allowed in the library or not located on campus, we wanted a way for students to sample books.
  5. Entice students to check out a book by showing them a book commercial.
  6. Celebrate our student’s reading and reward students for reading.
  7. Build reading stamina and the love of reading in our students. 

Bookflix has accomplished all of the above goals and so much more.  It united students around the love of reading and provided access to reader’s advisory, it made books available through different delivery methods, and it celebrated success with our students – whether they were face to face or virtual.  My library’s circulation is 53% of last year’s circulation number, but because of this year’s special challenges, I’m counting that as a win!  

Chari Kauffman is the librarian of North Shore Middle School, in Houston, TX.   She holds a Bachelor of Science from Butler University, and a Masters of Library Science from Sam Houston State University. Mrs. Kauffman is the Chairman of the Spirit of Texas Book Award Committee, (2020 – 2023).

Bookflix Introductory Video:

Bookflix Website:




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