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April Staff Spotlight: Kelly Mantay

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In our TLA Staff Spotlight series, we will highlight a different Texas Library Association staff member each month. It’s part of our effort to make sure you know who the TLA staff is, so you’re more familiar with us when you need to contact us. We love to hear from members!

Name: Kelly Mantay

Position: Education & Programs Manager

What are your job responsibilities at TLA? Educational programs as well as learning management systems.

Tell us three things about yourself.
I have four dogs and would have many more if I had the time/space. One of my lifelong goals is to have my own shelter or even foster on a consistent basis.

I taught social studies for ten years, grade levels 6-12. I have taught everything from Texas History, World History all the way to AP Psychology.

Maybe it’s the loving history thing, but I like to know the ending of movies/books before I invest time in watching/reading them. I am the horrible friend who will go to the movie and sit in silence during a shocking part because… I already Googled it!

What’s a book, movie, album, or podcast you enjoyed recently that you’d recommend and why?
I am really into thriller books/podcasts/movies. However, an audiobook that I listened to recently was Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. The audiobook was narrated by Matthew, and it was so refreshing to hear his take on his own story. From little laughs, heavy sighs to small silences to reflect on the past, it truly was a fun listen.

What’s your favorite place in Texas?
There are so many gems I want to visit but my favorite place so far was Jacob’s Well. I love shocking my family/friends from out of state with imagery of our gorgeous state. Too often do folks from outside Texas think this state is nothing but dusty open fields, but in reality, it is incredibly diverse and beautiful beyond words.

What would you like to share with members about TLA that they might not know?
Everyone here works selflessly for the betterment of the members and at the end of they day, the underlying theme is, how can we ensure that they, the members, have everything they need.