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October Staff Spotlight: Nicole Basso

TLA Staff Spotlight

In our new TLA Staff Spotlight series, you will meet a member of our team each month.  It’s part of our effort to make sure you know who the TLA staff is, so you’re more familiar with us when you need to contact us. We love to hear from members!

Name: Nicole Basso

Position: Information Services Manager

Year started: 2021

What are your job responsibilities at TLA? I am gaining an understanding of the way TLA works and functions as an organization with staff and members. Through this knowledge and respect for the organization, I am working with staff to help enhance the technical experience for staff and members through the implementation of a new association management system.

Tell us three things about yourself: I’m a Chicagoan, who loves her city! But I continue to be amazed when traveling at the beauty each city brings and it makes me appreciate each city I see and my own. I actually enjoy running. Well, I’m not sure if I would call it running, to me it’s more “jogging,” but it’s running for me. This is one of my go-to things to do when I’m stressed. My other go-to stress reliever is cleaning. Let me tell you this one comes in handy sometimes, especially around the holidays.

What’s a book, movie, album or podcast you enjoyed recently that you’d recommend and why? I’ve been re-reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. These are books that I can pick up in any order and just start reading. They are super quick, fun, funny and perfect for summer or a quick trip to the beach.

What’s your favorite place in Texas? Only having been to Texas a few times now I’m not sure I have one favorite place. But my entire experience that I’ve had when in Texas has been wonderful. However, one of my favorite places in Chicago, where I’m at, is this cute street just a couple blocks over called Southport. They have a lot of amazing boutique shops, and independent restaurants. I’ve never had a bad meal on the street and love hanging out with friends at the shops, coffee shops or bars to catch up.

What is your favorite part about your job? Being able to use my nerdiness. Yes, you read that right, nerdiness. I hide it pretty well. But if you ask any of my colleagues, they will tell you I LOVE EXCEL and for some really strange reason writing SOP (standard operating procedure) documents. It comes naturally and I like knowing I’ll be able to help someone understand something.