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Resolution in Support of Immigrant Children

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In response to the immigrant crisis along the Texas border, TLA’s Latino Caucus Round Table presented this resolution in support of immigrant children to TLA Council at Annual Assembly where it was adopted.

WHEREAS, The Texas Library Association is committed to supporting libraries role as an advocate of social responsibility and the public good;

WHEREAS, Human decency is not a political statement, and all immigrant children and families should be treated with respect;

WHEREAS, The conditions of the detention camps cause irreparable damage during the formative period of a child’s growth, and children who are separated from their parents suffer both short-and long-term effects, including anxiety, depression, neurological damage, and increased risk of early death;

WHEREAS, Intellectual freedom is a compelling public interest in all settings including detention centers and immigration facilities, as well as other jails, prisons, or incarcerated facilities; and

WHEREAS, Story time and imaginative play have a documented and healthy impact on the well-being of all children, including refugee children; now, therefore, be it,

RESOLVED, That the Texas Library Association opposes the removal of educational and imaginative play programs from youth and immigrant detention centers and calls for a reintroduction of these programs; and be it further,

RESOLVED, That the Texas Library Association encourages libraries to perform outreach and provide access to traditional library materials and services for the populations in detention centers, and to provide services to migrant families by facilitating access to social services and removing the barriers which hinder the use of information, technology, and social services in the library which serves all immigrants, regardless of status.

Approved and Submitted by the Latino Caucus Round Table
Israel Favela, Chair
July 8, 2019

Adopted by TLA Council on July 10, 2019