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Staff Spotlight: Susan Savkov

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Susan Savkov

Marketing Manager

What are your job responsibilities at TLA?  As the newest member of the TLA marketing and communications team, I develop and execute marketing strategies for events, membership, educational programs, and other initiatives across a variety of communication channels. I also keep track of marketing projects and timelines to keep projects moving forward. I love analyzing marketing data and analytics to understand how marketing strategies are working and making improvements along the way.

Tell us three things about yourself. 

  1. I love traveling with my husband all over the world and I’m studying Italian so that maybe one day I can retire there part of the year.
  2. I studied Wing Tsun martial arts for several years which was founded by a Buddhist nun, Ng Mui, who developed a fighting method in which a person didn’t have to rely on strength but employ reflexive movements.
  3. I love creating with Legos, it’s so fun to build something from scratch. I just completed the Star Wars Millennium Falcon and I’m working on an X-Wing Fighter next. Now, I need to figure out where I can put them in the house.

What’s a book, movie, album or podcast you enjoyed recently that you’d recommend and why?
As a Star Trek fan, I’m enjoying reading Patrick Stewart’s memoir, Making It So. I love reading biographies from history and the present. There’s always something I can learn from someone’s experiences. I’m also reading Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. There are gems in there to reflect on each day: “When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love …” ~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

What’s your favorite place in Texas?
It’s always the beach at Port Aransas. We’ve been going there for 25+ years and it never gets old sitting on the beach looking out over the water.

What would you like to share with members about TLA that they might not know?
I’m looking forward to Annual Conference and meeting members to hear your stories. To know that there are peers out there across the state that you can reach out to when you need it or help someone yourself, that’s what I’ve think makes TLA so unique and special. At a recent District meeting I attended, I enjoyed hearing one of the speakers, R. David Lankes, talk about choosing joy which really resonated with me to keep front of mind as much as I can.