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The 2023 2×2 List is Here!

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The Texas Library Association is delighted to announce the arrival of the 2023 2×2 Reading List!

These beautifully illustrated, often humorous and instructive volumes are the best of recent books meant for children 2 years old to grade two. Librarians serving on the Texas Library Association Children’s Round Table 2X2 Committee read hundreds of books before narrowing the list to these selected 20.

The 2X2 books on the list can be read to small children, as well as read by young readers. The list was developed to give parents, caregivers and teachers a curated list of quality books. These are excellent books for reading during story time at the library or school, at bedtime with a parent or grandparent or for fun at any time.

Among the 2023 selections are:

Big Truck Little Island, by Chris Van Dusen: When a big truck gets stuck on a narrow road on a little island, traffic comes to a halt. Inspired by a true story, this rhyming picture book shows the resourcefulness of the island’s children in finding a solution. This book has lots of wonderful illustrations of cars and trucks for little ones who love vehicles.

Chester Van Chime Who Forgot How to Rhyme, by Avery Monsen, illustrated by Abby Hanlon: Chester Van Chime is usually the BEST at rhyming. He can normally tell you all about cats wearing hats and snails delivering mail, but today, something has changed. Today there’s no dog on a log. No duck in a truck. See what happens to Chester in this fun read-aloud!

I’m Hungry/ ¡Tengo hambre! by Angela Dominguez: What does dinosaur want to eat? This fun bilingual picture book is about finding just the right food — and just the right friend.

Powwow Day, by Traci Sorell, illustrated by Madelyn Goodnight: River, a young girl, longs to dance in her community’s powwow as she usually does, but this time an illness leaves her unable to dance. This heartwarming book illustrates how River’s family and friends help her heal, with graceful illustrations of a powwow and dancers of all ages.

2023 Texas 2×2 List

  • A Seed Grows by Antoinette Portis
  • Bathe the Cat by Alice B. McGinty, illustrated by David Roberts
  • Bear Has a Belly by Jane Whittingham
  • Berry Song by Michaela Goade
  • Big Truck Little Island by Chris Van Dusen
  • Chester Van Chime Who Forgot How to Rhymeby Avery Monsen, illustrated by Abby Hanlon
  • Counting to Bananas: A Mostly Rhyming Fruit Book by Carrie Tillotson, illustrated by Estrela Lourenço
  • Endlessly Ever After: Pick YOUR Path to Countless Fairy Tale Endings! by Laurel Snyder, illustrated by Dan Santat
  • I Was Born a Baby by Meg Fleming, illustrated by Brandon James Scott
  • I’m Hungry/ ¡Tengo hambre! by Angela Dominguez
  • Mina by Matthew Forsythe
  • Odd Birds: Meet Nature’s Weirdest Flock by Laura Gehl, illustrated by Gareth Lucas
  • Perfectly Imperfect Mira by Faith Pray
  • Pizza! A Slice of History by Greg Pizzoli
  • Powwow Day by Traci Sorell, illustrated by Madelyn Goodnight
  • Solitary Animals: Introverts of the Wild by Joshua David Stein, illustrated by Dominique Ramsey
  • Somewhere in the Bayou by Jerome Pumphrey and Jarrett Pumphrey
  • That’s Not My Name by Anoosha Syed
  • Vámonos/ Let’s Go! by Cynthia Weill
  • Where in the World Are You? by Marie G. Rohde