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What You Need to Know About… TLA Districts and Fall Meetings

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Welcome to this new monthly feature from TLA! We know that navigating all TLA has to offer can be challenging. Every month, TLA staff will share tips and insights into key areas to help you get the most out of your membership.

  • TLA has 10 Districts representing the geographic areas of Texas. How did we come up with these borders? They are based on the state’s regional library systems boundaries that existed until the mid-2000s. Your membership includes membership in one District. (Not sure what district you’re in? Check out our map, right, and visit Each district webpage lists the counties included in that district.
  • Each of TLA’s 10 districts has an annual fall meeting, held in person or virtually. These meetings are a great opportunity to meet local library professionals, build your professional network and set the groundwork for upcoming efforts.
  • At these meetings, you’ll hear from your district leaders and get an update on what’s new at TLA from TLA staff and a TLA Executive Board members. There are also education sessions and networking time.
  • Registration fees are usually $10 to $30 for members, and non-members are also welcome.REGISTER FOR YOUR DISTRICT MEETING


Questions? Contact Kelly Mantay, Education and Programs Manager.