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Webinar Archives

Recordings and presentations from TLA webinars.

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November 2018

November 15 | 1 – 2pm
Tips for Successful Texas Book Festival Grant Applications

Lea Bogner, Texas Book Festival outreach manager, shares the latest information on the TBF grant process, and tips for ensuring a successful application.


June 2018

June 25 | 1-2pm, Central Time
How to Plan a Successful Conference Program

This 40-minute webcast reviews conference tracks and timeslots, tips for coordinating programs (with a special section on author programs, using the Conference Event Form, and the schedule for Annual Assembly & afterward.


May 2018

May 9 | 1-2pm, Central Time
TLA Officer/Leader Orientation, Part 2

In the second half of this guide for TLA officers and leaders will cover the annual timeline of activities, review important responsibilities such as staying within budget, Annual Assembly, volunteer management, and planning for elections.


April 2018

April 20 | 1-2pm, Central Time
TLA Officer Orientation, Part 1

This program will cover the essentials for new officers of the Texas Library Association, including the new officer information form, budget requests, major duties of the different offices, and how to find help on the TLA website or through other officers and staff.


March 2018

March 8, 1-2pm Central Time
No More Yawning: Tips for Delivering a Compelling Presentation

Michalle Catalano

Join SLD for the one-hour webinar: No More Yawning: Tips for Delivering a Compelling Presentation. In this webinar, you will learn tricks for making a successful presentation including, overcoming the fear (or trepidation) of public speaking, creating compelling slides, and ways to engage your audience.


March 5, 2:30-3:30pm Central Time
How to Organize and Present a Moderated Panel

Walter Betts, Emily Billings, and Carolyn Booker

How many times have you attended a panel at a conference, only to find a series of unrelated micro-presentations with little useful content? Leaders of the 2017 Texas Library Association Conference will discuss how to organize and implement a moderated panel as a conference program event. Moderated panels drop the pointless 5-minute slideshows for an interview-style program that centers on the critical issues for the audience. This webinar is especially intended for program planners who are orchestrating panel programs at the 2017 TLA Conference, but the ideas can be used by any event planner.


March 7, 1-2pm Central Time
Communication in the Workplace
(Part of the series A-Z: Essential Training for Your Library Team)

Julie Todaro

Every successful management style includes best communication practices for different cases. No matter the situation, communication in both face-to-face or virtual settings are enhanced by consistent, standardized polices and practices for communicating up, down, and across work groups. Discover the top ten tips for communicating in your library. Recording and handout available by request – free to TLA members, $25 for nonmembers.

February 2018

February 27, 2-3pm Central Time
Volunteer Management

Mary Beth Harrington

Volunteers are the most underutilized resource in nonprofits. In this fast paced, content rich webinar, we will review everything you need to know to have a robust and revenue generating volunteer program. Volunteer managers often attend however Executive Directors and other staff members are also encouraged to attend since the vitality of your organization’s volunteer program, really depends on you! Access by request is free for TLA members, $45 for nonmembers.

February 28, 1-2pm Central Time
Basic Supervision

Julie Todaro

Whether you are just starting out as a supervisor in a new job, taking over as manager when your manager retires, moving up in your organization from a non-supervisory to a supervisory role, or supervising a new department or a new function in the library – you have your work cut out for you. As you supervise the activities of others – whether they are full, part time, hourly employees or volunteers – you realize you are responsible for identifying work responsibilities, designing new work projects, tracking and assessing work product and performance and providing – by using all appropriate forms of communication – direction and feedback to indicate success and a need for improvement. Access by request is free for TLA members, $45 for nonmembers.

February 22, 1-2pm Central Time

Money on Our Minds: How to Help Patrons Make Financial Choices

Hosted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Many Americans are turning to a trusted source in their communities, their local public library. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a federal government agency, recognizes that libraries are a powerful and trusted community resource, and has materials specifically for libraries to use to inform their patrons about financial education. Collaborating with the CFPB makes it easy for libraries to refer your patrons to trusted sources so they can make important money decisions. Recording to be posted soon.

January 2018

January 24, 2-3pm Central Time
Defining Community Engagement

Mary Beth Harrington

Community Engagement is a hot topic in the library field now, and also the theme of the 2018 Texas Library Association Conference. A recent TLA survey showed, however, that librarians are unsure of what really constitutes community engagement as opposed to community outreach. Join this free webinar to get a clear definition of this action and what it can mean for the survival of all types of libraries.


January 17, 1-2pm Central Time
The Big Picture: Crucial Roles for Library Specialists
(Part of the series A-Z: Essential Training for Your Library Team)

Julie Todaro

There are many types of libraries, library resources and many different kinds of staff members working in libraries today. This program is designed to give a contemporary overview of libraries, services, various roles and prospective opportunities. Explore the diverse responsibilities for library employees and learn key job functions, governing principles (why you do what you do), and ethical work practices (such as confidentiality and documentation). Handouts include seminar content (including slides), as well as recommendations on how to integrate the A-Z training in staff orientations and suggestions for additional resources or online training. The recording of this program is free to TLA members by request, or $25 for non-members. Libraries who have purchased the entire series for a flat fee may also get the link on request.


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