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TLA Renews

TLA Renews webinars are themed around self-care. Research has shown that incorporating self-care strategies increases resilience, reduces anxiety, enhances compassion (to yourself and others), improves efficiency and concentration, and much more. From mindfulness to nutrition, TLA will engage experts who can explore the application of self-care concepts that will benefit individuals and their library communities.

TLA Renews sessions will be offered the first Thursday of the month from 3:30 – 4:30pm (Central Time). Got a great idea for a TLA renews topic or speaker? Please complete this online form.

Cost:  Free for TLA members; $25 for non-members

Upcoming TLA Renews

Befriending Yourself: Planting the Seeds of Self-Compassion to Let Your Heart Bloom
Thursday, September 1 | 3:30 – 4:30pm

Led by Leanna Gilliam, Founder of 3Birds Meditative

Most of us have a familiar inner dialogue that provides a long list of reasons why we aren’t good enough, smart enough, attractive enough and so on. Being our own worst enemy comes much more easily than being our own best friend. How do we become more comfortable with giving love and attention to ourselves? What are the benefits of giving ourselves a break?

This session will explore our capacity to take care of ourselves the way we would take care of a friend. Working with mindfulness practices that encourage us to embrace ourselves right where we are, we find that the light of self-compassion radiates outwardly, giving us a foundation to send compassion and kindness into the world.