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TxASL All-Star Badge

Become a TxASL All-Star!

Choose activities to complete that add up to at least 10 points. Submit each activity on the form at Be sure to complete a separate form for each activity and submit each activity only once a year. Submissions for this year can be submitted from September 1, 2023 – April 1, 2024.  *Activities that require documentation at submission. 

    • JOIN TxASL (1 point)
    • ATTEND the 2024 TLA Annual Conference (4 points)
    • PRESENT at the 2024 TLA Annual Conference (3 points)*
    • VOLUNTEER to help the Conference Program Committee at the 2024 TLA Annual Conference (1 point)
    • VOLUNTEER to convene a TxASL session at the 2024 Annual Conference (1 point) 
    • ATTEND a TxASL Business Meeting (1 point) 
    • PARTICIPATE in a #TxASL Chat (1 point)* 
    • POST to social media on the first of the month using #TxLege, #TxASL, and #TxASLTalks (1 point)*
    • SERVE on a TxASL Committee in 2023-2024 (3 points)
    • SERVE as a TxASL officer, committee chair, or co-chair in 2023-2024 (4 points)
    • SERVE as a Round Table officer in 2023-2024 (4 points) 
    • SERVE as a Unit officer in 2023-2024 (4 points)
    • SERVE on a TLA committee (3 points)
    • WRITE a blog post for TxASL Talks (3 points)* 
    • CONTACT your local legislator via email, letter, or in person (2 points)* 
    • PARTICIPATE in the 2024 Texas Bluebonnet Award voting (2 points)*
    • NOMINATE an administrator for the 2024 Distinguished Library Service Administrator Award (2 points)
    • JOIN TLA Engage (1 point)
    • ADD a profile picture to TLA Engage (1 point)*
    • START a relevant conversation or share a helpful resource on TLA Engage (1 point)*


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