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Supports new librarians in the profession and acquaints them with TLA.

Welcome to the New Members Round Table (NMRT)! If you are new to the library profession or new to TLA, we are the place for you! Begin your journey in New Members Round Table, which provides a place for members to learn about TLA’s structure, function, and benefits. NMRT is the ideal place to begin building your professional network, as well as develop your leadership potential by serving on NMRT committees.


The objectives and purpose of NMRT are:

  • To bring together new librarians for orientation to the scope and potentialities of the profession,
  • To acquaint them with the structure and purpose of TLA, and
  • To promote a greater feeling of responsibility among the newer members of TLA for the development of library service and librarianship in Texas.

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To stay informed about what is happening in TLA and especially the New Members Round Table, see the instructions below on how to join our distribution list.

1) Sign-in to your TLA account.

2) Click on Member Distribution Lists in the middle column.

3) Distribution lists are in alphabetical order. Navigate to nmrt and hit Subscribe on the right. You may need to select “Show More” or scroll down to find nmrt.


Jen Ortiz, Chair
Maren Metzner, Chair-Elect
Chad Hetterley, Past-Chair
Vacant, Secretary-Treasurer
Kersten Hunt, Councilor
Teresa Lopez, Alternate Councilor
Donnishia Raishell, Newsletter Editor
Natalie McAdams, Webmaster

Mentor Program

The TLA NMRT Mentor Program is designed to assist new members in learning more about TLA help them grow professionally, by providing the opportunity for new members to be partnered with seasoned TLA members who share their professional experience.The program is open to:

  • New librarians in the first five years of their professional career
  • Library school students
  • TLA members in the first 5 years of association membership
  • NMRT members

Membership in TLA and NMRT membership is required. Conference attendance is not required. Mentor/mentee partnerships will officially run from September to April.

Mentors and mentees will be partnered based on their similar interests, professional experience or goals. The availability of mentors and mentees and the information provided on the applications will determine the partnerships made.

Application information to be announced.

New Members Round Table Operating Procedures

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