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Collection Development Statement
The Lone Star Reading List is not designed to support any particular curriculum. Librarians are not required or expected to purchase every book on the list. Due to the diversity in age range and topics, librarians should follow their local collection development policies and guidelines when considering which titles to purchase for their library.


The Committee will consider and vote on books published within the 2 years before the year the list is published. Nominations may be accepted from the public and Committee members up to October 1 of that calendar year.

The book must be favorably reviewed in a scholarly journal for grades 6, 7, or 8. The person making the nomination must have read the book. Only one book per author per genre may be included on the list. Titles shall be nominated that reflect various difficulty levels for readers in grades 6-8. The committee strives for a fairly equal distribution of books targeting each of the three grade levels and, within each set, further seeks balance in areas such as genre, gender appeal, interest, subject, and difficulty.

Committee Members

Jamie Henry, Chair 2024-2026
Mindy Davenport, Administrative Assistant 2024-2027
Tyler Copeland 2024-2027
Chari Kauffman 2024-2027
Heather Mills 2024-2027
Rebecca Chrietzberg 2023-2026
Rachel Stewart 2023-2026
Katie Cox 2024-2026
Karina Arroyos 2022-2025
Melissa Silerio 2022-2025


2025 Nominations

Lone Star List Nomination Form

Publishers, please do not use this form. If you would like to send the committee copies of a book, please email the Young Adult Round Table. Please be aware that the committee must be able to locate a positive review for students in grades 6, 7, or 8 for the book to be considered.

To learn more about nomination criteria, please click here.

Lone Star Reading List Policies & Procedures


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