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The Spirit of Texas Reading Program-High School is intended for recreational reading, not to support a specific curriculum. Due to the diversity of this age range, Texas librarians should purchase titles on this list according to their collection policies. Each featured author has had at least one book favorably reviewed for grades 6-12 in a professional review source.

Collection Development Statement
The Spirit of Texas (SPOT) Reading List is not designed to support any particular curriculum. Librarians are not required or expected to purchase every book on the list. Due to the diversity in age range and topics, librarians should follow their local collection development policies and guidelines when considering which titles to purchase for their library.

Committee Members

Lauren Scott, Chair 2022-2024
Karyn Lewis, Administrative Assistant 2021-2024
Beth Brentlinger 2023-2026
Stephanie Galvan Russell 2023-2026
Brooke Glazener 2023-2026
Brenda Henricks 2021-2024
Sandra Naranjo 2021-2024
Heather Rowan 2021-2024
Kimberly Warwick 2021-2024
Deb Zeman 2023-2026


2025 Nominations

Thank you for your nomination. Nominations for 2025 will open in January.

To learn more about nomination criteria, please click the Procedures button below.


SPOT - High School History

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