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Bilingual reading list for ages 5 - 12.

The Tejas Star Reading List (TSRL) provides a recommended reading list to encourage children ages 5-12 to explore multicultural books and to discover the cognitive and economic benefits of bilingualism and multilingualism. The Tejas Star Reading List is intended for recreational reading, not to support a specific curriculum.

2018 List

Acosta, Alicia. (2017). El pequeño pirata Serafín (Little Captain Jack). Illustrated by Mónica Carretero.  (Ages 4-8).

Amavisca, Luis. (2017). El espejo en la casa de mamá / El espejo en la casa de papá (The Mirror in Mommy’s House / The Mirror in Daddy’s House). Illustrated by Betania Zacarias.  (Ages 4-8).

Biddulph, Rob. (2017). No como todos (Odd Dog Out). Translator Anna Llisterri. (Ages 4-8)

Buckley, James Jr. (2016). ¿Quién fue Roberto Clemente? (Who Was Roberto Clemente?). Illustrated by Ted Hammond. Translator Eduardo Noriega. (Ages 8-11).

Colato Laínez, René. (2016). Mamá la extraterrestre=Mamá the Alien. Illustrated by Laura Lacámara. Translator René Colato Laínez.  (Ages 6-9).

De la Peña, Matt. (2016). Última parada de la calle Market (Last Stop on Market Street). Illustrated by Christian Robinson. Translator Teresa Mlawer.  (Ages 3-6).

De los Ángeles Boada, Maria. (2016). No seas goloso, señor Oso (Don’t be Greedy Mr. Bear). Illustrated by Santiago González.  (Ages 4-8).

Diaz, Alexandra. (2016). El único destino (The Only Road). Translated by Alexandra Diaz and Lillian Corvison.  (Ages 8-12).

Engle, Margarita. (2017). ¡Bravo! Poemas sobre hispanos extraordinarios. (Bravo! Poems about Amazing Hispanics.) Illustrated by Rafael López.  (Ages 7-11).

Engle, Margarita. (2017). Aire encantado: Dos culturas, dos alas: Una memoria (Enchanted Air: Two Cultures, Two Wings: A Memoir). Translator Alexis Romay. (Ages 10-12).

Hood, Susan. (2016). El violin de Ada: la historia de la Orquesta de Instrumentos Reciclados del Paraguay. (Ada’s Violin: The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay). Illustrated by Sally Wern Comport. Translator Shelley McConnell. (Ages 4-8).

Jaramillo, Susie. (2017). Esqueletitos = Little Skeletons: Countdown to Midnight.  (Ages 5-8).

Lacasa, Blanca. (2017). Ni guau ni miau (Bow Wow Meow). Illustrated by Gómez.  (Ages 4-8).

Liniers, Ricardo. (2017). Buenas noches, Planeta (Good Night, Planet). (Ages 4-8).

Medina, Meg. (2017). Mango, Abuela y yo (Mango, Abuela, and Me). Illustrated by Angela Dominguez. Translator Teresa Mlawer.  (Ages 5-8).

Mena, Pato. (2017). La siesta perfecta (The Perfect Siesta).  (Ages 4-8).

Otheguy, Emma. (2017). Martí’s Song for Freedom = Martí y sus versos por la libertad. Illustrated by Beatriz Vidal. Translator Adriana Dominguez. (Ages 7-12).

Spiegelman, Nadja. (2015). Perdidos en NYC: una aventura en el metro: A TOON Graphic (Lost in NYC: A Subway Adventure: A TOON Graphic). Illustrated by Sergio García Sánchez.  (Ages 8-12).

Telgemeier, Raina. (2017). Fantasmas (Ghosts). Translators Juan Pablo Lombana and María Domínguez. (Ages 8-12).

Tullet, Herve. (2017). ¡Mézclalo bien! (Mix it Up!). Translator Peter L. Perez. (Ages 3-8).

Vicente, Alidis. (2016). El caso de los Reyes Magos = The Case of the Three Kings. Illustrated by Mora Des!gn Group. Translator Gabriela Baeza Ventura. (Ages 8-11).

Wood, Susan. (2016). ¡Esquivel! Un artista de sonido de la era espacial. (Esquivel! Space Age Sound Artist). Illustrated by Duncan Tonatiuh.Translator Carlos E. Calvo. (Ages 6-9)

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